Karin Wetherup people are a charity’s best ambassadors

charity video productionKarin Wetherup is creative director with fundraising agency, Burnett Works. She’s a believer of the power of real people to engage audiences and bring attention to charities.

She says : “Charities deal in the big themes of life, really and it’s no accident that as people go through life they engage with different charities depending on their own life experiences, so when people give money, they usually give to something that resonates with them and that experience is quite often burnt quite deep into them. So, if a charity tries to tell its story or why it’s here or in a very superficial way or in a way that’s too clever or that’ too marketing, people, it disengages people I think. ” So rather than a heavily scripted piece or drafting in actors, Karin likes to work with real people.



In this video clip, Karin gives her expert tip – that the people who use a charity’s services or who support a charity are their best advertisement, if you make sure you treat them with respect.