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Script writing for video
Consumers International

Copywriting for video

Script writing can be an essential part of a video production, and whilst we’re firm proponents of show don’t tell, sometimes creatively written copy is the secret to a video’s success. That was certainly the case when Consumer’s International came to us with a tricky proposition – how could we promote and explain the idea of digital trust to a highly educated audience at a G7 Government Conference. Not only were the viewer a demanding audience but the client needed to get buy in and messaging from several stakeholders within their own organisation.

Our approach was to get creative with the script writing: we spent considerable time with the client, learning about the concept, understanding what they do and focusing on what they wanted their high powered audience to take away from a short video.

Scripting for voice over

We came up with a voice over script that pointed out how trust was an essential element of everyday life yet was rarely mentioned, contrasting this with the huge trust we put in tech giants to look after our data or protect our privacy. The script went through several careful revisions, taking feedback and input from the client’s stakeholders, until we had a piece of copywriting that everyone was happy with.

Creating impact with video – words and images together

With the video script finished, we moved on to creating a series high impact visuals, drawing on striking images from a range of stock libraries. We combined a crisp, punchy edit with a strong sound mix, using music and sound effects to create an attention grabbing promotional video. To bring the script and visuals into even tighter alignment, we created some bold text graphics that pushed the message home.

The client was delighted with the finished product, and reported that it not only grabbed the audience’s attention but attracted positive feedback and comments afterwards.

A wonderful piece of work that really helped us change people's opinions. Magneto were professional and creative to work with.

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script writing for video | Magneto Films | London
script writing for video | Magneto Films | London

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Script writing for video

Our team of experience scriptwriters work closely with clients to capture their brand messages and turn them into watchable and highly engaging promotional and marketing films. Our script writing services include creating copy for marketing videos, scripting explainer video and training content, as well as writing scripts for charity campaigns.

Clients who’ve used our copywriting for video production include NHS England, Mind, Anthony Nolan, Hotjar and the National Archives.

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