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Videos for social media campaigns

Magneto Films provides social media video production services for businesses, charities and public sector organisations that want to connect with their audience. Our social videos are at the heart of many successful marketing campaigns.

We create high impact social media videos using animation, real stories, infographics and beautiful visuals. We all provide a content strategy service to promote social videos.

Our social videos are used to recruit staff & volunteers, drive awareness campaigns, or encourage engagement.

Our recent social video production has included work for Citizens Advice, pharmaceutical companies, charities like Anthony Nolan, and public sector organisations.

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Example social media video

Awareness campaign for Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

With assaults and abuse against retail workers rising at an alarming rate, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner asked Magneto to produce an awareness campaign.

We produced 3 social media films, designed to drive awareness and create engagement as well as a longer hero film. The project racked up 15,000 views on Twitter alone within 12 hours.

Magneto Films were a fantastic team to work with. We came to them with a campaign & only a few weeks to produce an end product. The talented team worked quickly & we are so happy with the video.

social media video agency

Social video production

One of our recent videos for social media includes content made specifically for Twitter and Facebook for charities, public sector organisations and healthcare brands.

Animation for social media campaign

Citizens Advice

This national charity urgently needed recruit more advisors for its advice service. They set an ambitious target for these videos of recruiting 500 new people within 3 months.

Our social video helped them hit the target with 2 weeks!

Social first campaign

Healthcare Agency

We were commissioned to make a series of ‘life hack’ videos to help people with rheumatoid arthritis share their tips and tricks for living with this chronic condition.

The films were used as part of a successful social media campaign to encourage other people to share their tips too.

Campaign teaser video

Anthony Nolan

With a major awareness campaign scheduled for the Christmas period, this blood cancer charity decided to create a compelling teaser campaign to create a buzz around their hero video.

Promotional campaign for local authority

Wandsworth Council & Tooting Common

With an ambitious programme of regeneration funded by the National Lottery, this local authority led community group wanted a film to promote and showcase the changes they’d achieve in a much loved local park.

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How organisations use video for social media

Magneto Films works with lots of brands and charities to make impactful social media video, so here’s our suggestions for the most popular types of content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Mini case studies

The human eye is drawn to face so featuring a photogenic character or somebody doing something interesting helps grab attention as people scroll through their feed. Add some snappy text for extra impact.


Good social media video production thrives on things that are visual so creating a short animation is an excellent way to push your message out in a way that’s totally controllable. Plus the short durations for social make animation cost effective.


Got a grateful client? Then grab a quick sound bite and a stylish portrait and you’ve got a lovely bit of video for social media. Works well with a photo and even better with video.

Behind the scenes

BTS video is ideal for social – it’s informal and more authentic, so looks like native content. Plus it’s a great way to bring character and insight to your brand.

Things to bear in mind for social media video production

Magneto Films is a well experienced social media video production company and we’re often asked for advice on producing campaigns, so here are our top tips.

Keep it short

How long should a social media video be? That depends on the channel but most people agree that up to a minute is fine and just under 30 seconds is ideal.

But not too short

If you’ve got great content don’t sell yourself short. If you can grab attention in the first few seconds – use movement, big text, or bold colour, then you can probably hold people for at least 30, if not longer.

Visual first

Talking heads are not ideal for social media video, nor is a logo or a lump of text. Try and start your films with some eye catching movement or an impactful portrait.

social media video company | Magneto Films | London
Social video production | magneto films | London


Got something to say? Then make sure people know by adding subtitles to your short video content, don’t be afraid to be bold or try starting with a question….

Clear call to action

If you’ve got someone to watch to the end of a video, then make sure you let them know what to do next…. but why wait till the end? Lots of viewers drop off after 15 seconds, so experiment with getting the ask in early.

Bold text

Push your message home quickly with big bold text. The current vogue is for text on blocks of colour – it looks good, it’s easily read and can tone with brand style.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films works with clients from all over the UK providing social media video services.

Our current and recent clients include tech brands such as F-Secure and Hotjar, pharmaceutical clients, charities and national public sector organisations such as NHS England.

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We make animated video for clients such as Children with Cancer, HotJar and Citizens Advice.

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