Social media video for charity campaign

Social media video for charity campaign

Anthony Nolan ‘Letters of Hope’

When this leading cancer charity asked us for some ideas for an awareness campaign, we suggested making a film based on the wonderful letters that donors and recipients sometimes exchange. We know that often warm and special relationships develop between people who’ve been through cancer treatments and the donors who give their blood cells, so we were certain we’d get a wonderfully intimate and emtional film.

The simple concept of the film was to show the reactions of a donor, a nurse and a volunteer couriers as they opened and read letters from the people’s whose lives they’d changed. Over the course of planning evolved into a richly textured video that adds user generated video and home-recorded voice over to the mix.

Anthony Nolan have an amazing network of storytellers who are willing to share their experiences, and a very skilled story manager who’s adept at finding great people, so within a few weeks we were able to start our process of pre-shoot research interviews and scripting.

Social video

A key part of the commission was to create a teaser video for social media and for email, that would alert supporters to the main film and start to generate a buzz around the hero film. We were able to pre-plan a series of sequences and shots that we knew would not only create a highly watchable film in its own right and also create an intriguing invitation to watch more…


A HUGE thank you for your help with this project, it is a lovely video and really captures the amazing stories we want to share with our supporters!

Anthony Nolan leukaemia charity

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The hero video

The hero film “Letters of Hope” features the stories of 3 people: a family waiting for stem cell donor who hear from another family who’ve been through the same process; a nurse who gets a letter from a patient she’s supporting; and a husband and wife team of volunteer couriers who hear from the family who received the blood cells they so carefully delivered.

Social media video production |magneto films | London
Social media video production |magneto films | London
Social media video production |magneto films | London

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