Staff training video for Health Education England

Staff Training Video
Health Education England

Training video production

Magneto Films was commissioned by the NHS’s National Workforce Skills Development Unit to create a series of training videos for Health Education England and the world renowned Tavistock Clinic. They needed to train staff in best practice in recruiting staff for mental health providers. Working closely with the client, we researched and wrote 4 scripts that were based on the findings of a series of workshops and seminars that took place around the country. We incorporated not only expert opinion and the latest research but the experiences and knowledge of dozens of HR managers and recruiters.

Recruitment video

We also cast for presenters, and arranged a comprehensive shoot at a studio to create a suite of 4 videos that combine live action with graphics and text to produce informative and well paced video content that will enable NHS recruiters to meet the current staffing challenges.

Designed for YouTube and hosted channels

We chose a bold simple approach to enable the videos to be easiy viewed on a variety of devices from mobile phones to tablets and desktops. We carefully matched backgrounds and costumes to reflect brand colours and ensured that presenters reflected the NHS’s diverse workforce.

Thank you very much for working with us on this project and making our video look great.

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Training Video | Magneto Films | London
Training Video | Magneto Films | London
Training Video | Magneto Films | London

About Magneto Films

Training video production

Magneto creates cost effective and informative staff training video for a wide range of public sector, charity and health care organisations. We are adept at taking highly technical or complex subjects and producing accurate and helpful training video content. Recent subjects include domestic violence training for Hestia and Clarence House, cyber security for the Met Police, nutritional training for the charity Homestart and the John Lewis Partnership.

Training Video Producton | Magneto Films | London

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