Testimonial video production for website

Testimonial video production
Young Money website

Testimonial video for a financial education website

Young Money are a membership organisation, offering lesson plans for schools and teachers to improve financial education. They came to Magneto for a testimonial video to share their client’s success stories and to let people know about their services. We came up with a video that features the stories of teachers who’ve used their services, as well as helpful hints and explanation from staff members. We combined carefully scripted comments with the real life experience of the teachers, to produce a well paced film that’s full of character and style.

Social media video

This testimonial video was designed to be used as a part of a social media marketing campaign, so we designed it to be bright and colourful, with a variety of backdrops that were matched to the client’s brand colours, and we overlayed the images with bouncy graphics to add punch and visual interest. To really keep the characters front and center, we included some behind the scenes footage and some of the funny slips and mistakes that were made on the day. It all adds up to a case study video that’s not only got great visual appeal but speaks to its audience in a friendly and effective way.

Case studies & characters

Producing a testimonial video is a great way to let potential customers or users learn more about your service, and by featuring happy clientsyou can provide compelling reassurance that your product or service hits the mark.

Everyone says that the video is full of character and really explains what we do, thank you!

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testimonial video production | Magneto Films | London
testimonial video production | Magneto Films | London
testimonial video production | Magneto Films | London
testimonial video production | Magneto Films | London
testimonial video production | Magneto Films | London

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Testimonial video production

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public sector video production | Magneto Films | London

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Magneto makes testimonial videos and case studies for brands and businesses to showcase their projects.

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