Testimonial video production for a tech company

Testimonial Video
Network Control Group

Testimonial video production

London-based tech company Network Control Group commissioned Magneto to make a suite of 3 films featuring client testimonials from some of their biggest customers. They wanted a set of testimonial videos shot in Manchester that would not only explain the services they offer, but also highlights the benefits and features that their clients have found most useful.

We worked with them to establish the key selling points and the most effective elements of each client’s experience with NCG, and then worked hard to identify the unique story for each video.

Technology video

We’ve got a long track record in technology video production, having worked with clients such as Hotjar, Hubspot and Expedia, and we’re adept at making fresh and interesting client testimonial videos that subtly feature products and services, whilst allowing clients to tell their stories and communicate in an authentic and natural fashion.

Client endorsements

As with all our client testimonial and case study videos, we worked hard to put the client’s unique instights at the heart of each film, encouraging them to relate their experiences and to demonstrate how NCG’s technology has enabled them to grow their businesses and keep their customers happy.

Superb work as always, thank you!

testimonial video production

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Testimonial Video Production | Magneto Films | London
Testimonial Video Production | Magneto Films | London
Testimonial Video Production | Magneto Films | London
Testimonial Video Production in Manchester for a tech company in London

About Magneto Films

Testimonial video production for technology companies

Magneto has excellent experience of testimonial video production and we frequently work with technology companies to create case study videos that feature the experiences and endorsements of their key customers. Previous testimonial videos have featured Hubspot, Hotjar, Bentley, Expedia and many other tech companies. We’re adept at carefully crafting testimonials so that they tell the story of customers, making clear the features and benefits that make a real difference to them, whilst also subtly explaining what a product does and how it works.

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