Why Social Good Is On The Rise

By June 18, 2018Best Charity Videos

The rise of social good...

When it comes to your business you want to have a good lasting impression. With reviews and opinions on social media spreading like wildfire, your company’s image and ethics matter.

Social good within businesses is on the rise. More and more people are looking to make positive changes by implementing clever business techniques. This isn’t just to look good, but to make a genuine difference in the world. And it’s been found that companies who care about ethics gain loyal customers who are likely to come back time and time again.

One of the best ways to promote these company values is through film.

Here are four companies that strive for better in the world and who use film to promote their impact.

Searching for good

Ecosia is a search engine that generates money through ad revenue and donates 80% of profits to planting trees. On average, 1 tree is planted for every 46 searches on Ecosia. That’s pretty cool. And very clever.

Such a simple thing that we all do every day has been utilized to make a big difference, at no extra cost of the supporter. Not only this, but the company are completely transparent with where their money goes. People can see exactly what is being done and where, which builds trust between organisation and supporter.

To date, over 16 million trees have been planted through Ecosia. Why not give it a go!


You’ve probably heard of TOMS, a well-known shoe brand in the UK.

But did you know for every pair of TOMS shoes bought online or in-store, the company gives away a pair for children in developing countries? And it doesn’t stop there. They also use their profits to fund safer births, improved access to clean water and better eye health care across the world.

Through their one-for-one business model TOMS have already helped restore sight to over 500,000 people…

Opening doors

Love Pret? So do we. As an added bonus to their delicious food they also do a lot of good for vulnerable people across the country. 

In 1995 the Pret Foundation Trust was born, with the aim of helping reduce the amount of homelessness in the UK.

They run three different programmes to help get people off the streets: They employ homeless people as apprentices, donate unsold food to homeless shelters, and support charities and projects that help homeless people across the country

It’s remarkable the difference they’ve made. You can see how people’s lives have been changed in their short film Opening Doors.

Last but not least

Warby Parker are a company committed to giving glasses to people who don’t have access to them in the developing world.

Founded in 2010 with a similar one-for-one business model to TOMS, they started the ‘Buy a Pair Give a Pair programme’ where one pair of glasses are donated for every pair bought.

We rather enjoyed their clever campaign video for ‘Warby Barker’… 

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