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Producing training videos for the education sector

Award winning online learning specialists based in Sheffield, Desq, commissioned Magneto Films to create the video content for a major online training project for CEOs and Principals of Further Education colleges. It was our job to create a series of engaging, interview-based training videos for CEOs and Principals where senior leaders in FE would share their insights and practical tips on a range of topics, such as financial sustainability.

Continuing professional development

The training is a series of online continuing professional development modules around key management issues. It was co-designed with leaders in the FE sector who wanted practical advice on issues like financial sustainability. The videos are a combination of information and training delivered to camera by professional presenters, and illustrative scenes played out by actors. Together theses 2 elements offer instruction, illustration and key bullet points for reflection and understanding.

Effective outcomes

The result is a series of friendly, concise training videos for CEOs and other senior leaders in which information is delivered by peers. We’re currently working with DESQ to produce 3 more series of these films.

Working with Magneto has been a pleasure. Gaby’s style of interviewing puts people at ease and we’ve got some great films as a result.

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Training video production

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Magneto Films makes a variety of training video content for online learning and e-learning platforms.

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Magneto has been working closely with the charity sector for more than 10 years.

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