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Cambridge University Press

Training video

This internationally famous organisation commissioned Magneto to produce video training modules for their English Language e-learning course. A series of more than 20 videos was needed to help students and teachers to learn about the standards and practices of assessment procedures. This required a high level of technical understanding and accuracy, and we worked closely with the clients to ensure each video portrayed the required scenario correctly: we used a combination of pre-shoot briefings and script sessions, as well as video conferencing on the day of the shoot to ensure that moderators and assessors could feedback on the sessions.

Shot on location at a Cambridge school

The client had a good relationship with an international school in Cambridge and were able to provide both a suitable location and a number of students to take part. Magneto cast actors to play the role of teacher/assessors, and worked with the client to ensure their portrayal was authentic and accurate.

Shooting for e-learning

Given the number of videos required and the time pressure of filming at a school location, we suggested filming on a multi-camera set up and used up to 3 cameras for each scene. This allowed us to capture all the angles necessary to create an immersive training video in an quick and efficient manner. It also meant that during the editing process we were able to respond to the client’s requirements for their preferred angle or shot size.

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education training video | Magneto Films | London-
education training video | Magneto Films | London
training video | Magneto Films | cambridge
education training video | Magneto Films | London
education training video | Magneto Films | London
training video for cambridge publisher | Magneto films limited

About Magneto Films

Producing training video

Magneto Films films works with businesses, charities and the public sector to produce a wide range of e-learning and training video. Current and recent clients include NHS England, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, Waitrose, Ipsos MORI and the National Archives.

Working in the East of England

In addition to our London office, Magneto Films has a base in the East of England, giving us easier access to areas such as Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolshire, with quick connections to midlands cities like Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester.

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