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Magneto Films

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Magneto Films is a London video production company working with brands, businesses, the public sector and charities.

London video production is in our company DNA. Our agency has been based in Brixton South London for over 10 years, attracting interesting clients and talented film makers.

As one of the best established video production companies in London we’ve worked with organisations as varied as IPSOS Mori, The NHS and The Metropolitan Police.

We also work extensively with leading charities including Anthony Nolan, Age UK and Versus Arthritis.

Our video production services include marketing videos, case studies & testimonials, explainer videos and training films.

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Corporate video production in London for Bentley

Bentley’s head designer opened his address book and took us to meet some of the London designers and makers who’ve inspired him. And of course he traveled around London in style in a Bentley Mulsanne.

The film was part of a series the “Mulsanne Visionaries” series, designed to highlight the car’s design pedigree and future facing features by showcasing the visionary talents of creatives. It’s a great example of branded content shot in and around London, and we were careful to plan sequences that showed the vehicle in recognisable landmarks as well as more off beat London locations.

The film achieved outstanding coverage around the world in blogs, newspapers and magazines.

Magneto did a superbly professional job, bringing our vision to life with style and creativity.

corporate video production London | Magneto Films

What to expect from our video production agency

Magneto Films is a full service video production agency. That means we can do everything that’s needed to create effective video marketing content, from creating intitial concepts, scripting and storyboarding, location finding and casting actors, and of course running the shoot and editing the finished video.

The types of films we make include:

Case study videos

Magneto Films make engaging case study videos for businesses, brands and charities. Our films use carefully planned storytelling and beautifully shot visuals to engage audiences and make a real impact on your marketing strategy.

Marketing video

Marketing and brand videos are the real heroes of a video marketing strategy. Glossy, inspiring and designed to show case your product or service to the very best, brand video is your chance to shine.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are designed to be helpful to potential new customers and clients, and to offer insight and instruction to people you’ve already engaged.  Not strictly sales tools but up to 80% of people say they’re more likely to make purchase once they’ve watched an explainer.

Campaign video

If you’re launching a marketing drive or a fundraising campaign, you should be making a video to support your work. We make campaign videos for clients like the British Library and Versus Arthritis, as well as business films for some of the world’s best known companies.

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London video production: some recent examples

Brand ambassador film for a leading charity

Olivia Colman and Anthony Nolan

A huge advantage of producing films and videos in London is having Oscar winning talent on your doorstep.

Olivia Colman is a celebrity ambassador for Anthony Nolan, and was able to give us a few hours one morning to shoot this moving personal story.

Olivia’s film brought huge publicity to the charity and gained them 1000’s of online views and media mentions.

Marketing video for London businesses

The British Library

The Business Centre at the British Library runs training and innovation courses for London businesses.

They use this film to market and promote the course. The film features 3 businesses that have demonstrated growth and innovation as a result of completing a course.

The film has been instrumental in helping the library attract new clients and has been featured in blogs, newspapers and magazine websites.

A social experiment filmed on the streets of London

The Dogs' Trust

Lost in London is a classic story line and we gave it a fresh twist for this campaign video for a pet charity. We dressed an actor in a dog suit, fed him some scripted lines and let him loose on the unsuspecting public to see who’d know what to do with a lost dog.

The film brought 1000’s of visits to the campaign website and gained extensive media coverage.

Medical marketing video shot on location in London

All in One

All in One are a medical supplies company and they commissioned a number of films to promote their anti-bacterial hospital products.

We were able to find the perfect location in a London teaching ward, and cast London based actors to make a series of highly effective marketing and explainer videos. We also provided stills and product photography.

Magneto were wonderful to work with, guiding us through the process and making just the film we asked for.

video production company | Magneto Films | London

Tips for creating a brilliant video production in London

As one of the leading video production companies in London, we’re often asked for help and advice on making films in the capital.

Our team have managed everything from taking over Marylebone Station for a 1920’s drama reconstruction to flying drones over Hampstead Heath.

So here are our tips for shooting films in London.

Make the most of the talent

The capital one of the world centres of film production, so that means there’s a wealth of highly experienced freelancers who can add another dimension to a video production in London.

We work with colourists or sound mixers who can bring sparkle to a polished production, and animators and motion designers who’ve got experience of super high end production

Make the most of iconic locations

Unless you’re planning a large drama shoot or working with a lot of kit, it’s surprisingly easy to film at some of London’s famous land marks.

As long as you’re on a public street, and using a portable camera, you’re pretty much free to film where you want. And even if you can’t get inside the House of Lords or St Paul’s Cathedral, there’s usually a public space nearby to get a famous location as a backdrop.

London Video Production | Magneto Films
photography services | magneto films | London

Contact Film London

They’re a one-stop facility for video production in London, acting as a liaison between the borough councils and video production companies.

They can help get access to film in parks, squares and streets. And they’ve got great advice on locations and the legal side of filming in public in London.

Plan for noise

Many London video productions have been hampered by noise. Wherever you shoot you’re likely to be under a flight path with noisy jets every few minutes. Traffic noise is a constant problem, made worse by sirens from Police and Ambulance Services.

So try and plan interviews or dialogue heavy shoots inside, away from noise. We always try to visit a location to check for noise and then plan accordingly.

About Magneto Films - a London video production company

Magneto Films is a video production company based in Brixton, South London and we’ve been making on-line films for the last 10 years.

We work with local businesses and charities, as well as national organisations such as the NHS, and international brands like F-Secure, Hotjar, Ford and Bentley.

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All you need to know about London video production.

What type of films does Magneto Films make?

As a London video production company, Magneto has experience of making many types of films. We produce marketing and brand videos for brands and charities, explainer and training video for technology and software companies.

And we make campaign and fundraising videos for charities.

What sort of organisations do you work with?

We work with organisations that range from huge public sector providers such as the NHS, right down to smaller local businesses. We have excellent experience of working with technology companies, health care providers and charities.

Is a London video company more expensive?

Not at all. We’re based at a purpose built studio at the rear of our founders’ house, so our overheads are minimal. We’re clear and transparent with our pricing, providing written quotes with a break down of costs. We work hard to keep our rates competitive by using multi-skilled operators.

Why base your video production in London?

A London video production agency has several advantages. Firstly it provides excellent access to the head offices of many companies and brands. Secondly, we have a huge pool of talent available to us, from motion designers to sound recordists, translators and animators. And lastly, we’ve got amazing transport links to the rest of the country and beyond.

Do you only work in London?

Our video production work takes us all over the country and we’ve worked as far afield as Glasgow, Plymouth and Belfast. We’re happy to travel! And we like to work with local crew and freelancers when we do.

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