Testimonial Video

There’s nothing like a great testimonial video to inspire confidence in your product or service. Hearing first hand endorsements from your clients is a great way to encourage people to find out more about your company or to make a purchase.

We’ve made client testimonial videos for Age UK, Hotjar, Reed and Hubspot.

Customer testimonial videos for brands, charities, healthcare & tech.

We’ve made customer testimonial video for clients ranging from the British Library and the NHS, to tech companies and pharma clients.

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Producing testimonial video

Here are some video testimonial tips

1.Keep it focused

Short and to the point is best. Try to avoid having too many people in your films – if there are several customers you’d like to feature, then consider making a number of short films rather than one long one.

2. Show. Don’t tell

It’s tempting to pack business testimonial video full of people saying wonderful things about you but showing people using your product or service is really powerful too.

3. Plan for success

People love to talk but for a video you need to keep things to the point. We always conduct pre-shoot interviews to get an idea of what people are going to say, then we can pick the best bits and help them to deliver them on camera.