Magneto Films video production company

what we do and how we do it

We think that on-line films should be just as watchable and wonderful as really good TV.

That means letting characters shine through, it means making the most of warmth and humour,  and it means telling stories with compassion and honesty.

We’re passionate advocates of a documentary approach and believe that real people’s stories create engagement and empathy, moving viewers to action.

We’ve found that this approach fits really well with brands, companies and charities who want to communicate in an authentic way.

We help brands and charities tell their stories.

Work with us

What we do

Magneto Films is a full service production agency. We can do everything that it takes to make film, from start to finish.

Some clients come to us with a well developed idea and we help them bring their vision to life: finding locations, casting contributors, running the shoot and post-production.

For other clients we get involved much earlier, helping them come up with concepts, create storyboards and write scripts.

Audience is everything

Our process starts with the audience in mind.

Who are they and how do we reach them? What do they need to know and how should they feel when they watch a film? What action do we want them to take?

Everything we do is focused on making sure that those questions are answered. That way we get the results we need.

I was tremendously impressed with the way you put the subjects at ease and what you got out of them in the interviews.

James BlanchardNHS England

The Production Process

Making branded content is a collaborative activity and we work closely with our clients throughout the production process.

Planning & Treatments

We usually start with a written brief or client meeting to get a full understanding of the project, its planned outcomes and how video fits with the wider campaign.

We’ll start to identify the audience and plan how we can help build it. Then we’ll produce one or more treatments offering creative approaches to the film.

Scripts & Stories

Many of our films feature case histories or real people’s stories, so we like to spend some time finding out more about them. We can also help with finding case studies.

Then we’ll write up a shooting script setting out how we’ll make the film, what people will say and what you’ll see in the film. This stage gives clients the chance to comment and to make any changes before the shoot.

Shoot & Edit

We’ll set up and run the shoot, making sure that everything goes according to plan.

We’ll produce a first edit of the film and submit it for review, incorporating suggestions and changes. We repeat this process at least twice, making sure every detail, from branding to narration is spot on.

Impact Producing

Our job doesn’t stop when we’ve delivered the film.

We’ll help you promote the film with targeted social media, email campaigns and help you with placing your film with other websites and traditional news media for maximum exposure.

We can also make versions of the film that are optimised for Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

The success of the films are testament to the hard work of Gaby and her colleagues at Magneto… Of particular note was Gaby’s ability to gain the trust of vulnerable contributors, enabling them to tell their stories to camera.

Karen CleaverUniversity of Greenwich