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How to make a case study video

We believe that using real people’s stories creates impact and empathy.

Case study films are popular amongst charities and are great for sharing personal stories that may be inspiring, touching or just plain helpful.

But just following someone’s journey isn’t always enough, so here are 3 ways that you can add value to your case study videos.

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1. Create a connection

Creating a human connection is key to engaging with an audience. You want people to instantly feel like they can relate to who is on screen. Showing people in their homes or doing something meaningful to them for example immediately creates an intimate setting for the film.

2. Leave the viewer with valuable information

If people can take useful tips away from your film then they’re far more likely to remember and revisit your film in the future.

3. Honesty

People relate to honest stories. It’s unrealistic to always expect films to be optimistic because it’s not the reality for a lot of people. Letting them share their true experiences is important and, if you want people to sit up and listen, sharing an honest experience with them is probably going to be more engaging.

So without further ado, get a pen and paper handy, because here are three films that craft clever and effective films using case studies.

Three charities using case studies really well.

1. Age UK: Norman's Story

Connecting with emotion

This case study quickly establishes Norman as a likeable chap in a lonely situation. But when Joyce, his Age UK befriender pops round, we learn a whole new side to his character.

The viewer warms to Norman and see’s a real transformation take place.

2. The Charity for Civil Servants: financial help

Offering clear advice

Deirdre’s story focuses on the help and support she received from the Charity for Civil servants. We get an insight into her situation and learn how she was helped.

The film ends with a clear call to action and explains how to get help.

3. Dementia UK: Admiral Nurses

Honesty and insight

This case study was made to promote the Admiral Nurses service, and with compelling honesty Kelly tells us about the impact that dementia has had on her young family.

And when nurse Jodie arrives, we clearly see the difference she’s made to the family.

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