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There's more to storytelling than just telling a story.

A great story is a contract between you and your audience. In return for their time and attention you’re promising them something wonderful – a human story that will entertain and amaze.

If you get it right, you’ll leave your audience in the perfect frame of mind to listen to your call to action, ready to engage and to change.

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Storytelling for charities, the NHS & brands

If you’d like to learn the techniques that professional writers and film makers use to make their content come alive and grab an audience’s attention, then sign up for one of our workshops.

We’ll show you how to find fascinating stories and present them in a wonderfully compelling way.

We’ll give you a clear understanding of the methods that really work. And you’ll get real insight that you can take away and apply to all your communications.

Strategic storytelling

At Magneto Films, we’re trained film makers and professional storytellers. We use stories strategically in ways that engage an audience and leave them ready to take action.

After all great charity comms is all about getting your audience to do something – encouraging them to donate, helping them learn or getting them to connect with your charity.

Stories create connections

Skillfully used, the techniques of storytelling help charities communicate with their audience with trust, empathy and honesty.

We’ve used the techniques of strategic storytelling to create films for charities and brands that include The National Archives, Anthony Nolan, Ford Motors, Age UK, The Children’s Society and The NHS.

Excellent content: informative, practical and helpful and it was really pitched well for the target audience. It will change the way I work!

Health Innovation Network

Bring your teams together

Our three hour workshop will help your team understand how to make storytelling work for you. We’ve run free sessions for charities such as The NCT, Mind, The Health Innovation Network and The Small Charities Coalition.

They’ve found that it’s a great opportunity for different teams to work together and share ideas across an organisation.

Learn from examples

There’s nothing like seeing what actually works, so using examples from adverts, films, newspaper articles and blogs we’ll help you learn:

What storytelling really is and why stories work. the simple structures of all good stories and the 4 most important techniques for storytellers.

Simple steps & clever tools

Over the course of a 3 hour session we’ll take you through the process of developing your idea, turning it into a story that can be told  as a written piece of work or as a film.

We’ll explain our simple tools that will help plan your story in a structured way and then show you how to create emotion and character.

Then we’ll share our tips on working with visuals and creating a storyboard.

Interactive sessions

We use examples of successful campaigns with inspirational films from The Prince’s Trust, The Co-Op, Friends of the Earth and Anthony Nolan. There’s lots of opportunity to discuss the examples and to talk through your ideas.

Take away a plan

By the end of the session you’ll be able to take away a written treatment for your film and a storyboard.

We hear the word story every day but to break that down and look at the building blocks was really helpful.

Small Charities Coalition

 About the author

imogen gower magneto producerImogen Gower is an assistant producer at Magneto, and she’s responsible for lots of our blogs and she also makes films.

 Magneto Films

We’re a London based video production company, specialising in working with charity, health and education clients.

If you’d like a storytelling workshop, then email us or call us on 020 7274 2986.